The Gaither Music Club of Finsland, Norway recently surprised Russ with a beautiful, locally-crafted timepiece. Club president Kolbjørn Hærås presented him with the gift immediately following an enthusiastically received concert promoted by the group, who are responsible for sponsoring many Homecoming artists throughout Norway over the years.




Two of Bell Buckle Tennessee’s newest residents, acclaimed Grammy and Dove award-winning Christian vocalist Russ Taff and his wife, singer and Grammy-nominated songwriter Tori Taff, were crowned King and Queen of the 19th Annual RC Cola & Moon Pie Festival, June 15. The light-hearted event celebrates a beloved combination in southern culture, going back to the days when Royal Crown Cola came in a larger bottle than its competitors, and Moon Pies were one of the largest snack items sold in country stores. The Bell Buckle RC-Moon Pie Festival has been named a Top 20 Event by the Southeastern Tourism Society, drawing upwards of 15,000 happy visitors to the tiny village of 400 residents.

Last week, Russ joined the on-air personalities of Homecoming Radio (including his wife Tori) for an interview with Bill Gaither. The show with Russ’ interview will air sometime after the first of the year.

Stay tuned!

Remember that old Imperials classic…? Well, apparently so do a whole lot of people at the Faroe Island’s Summarfestival! Oli Poulsen produced this great video clip of the live performance– enjoy!

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