This historic event will be live-streamed for FREE on Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 6:00 pm (CST). Go to to register– it is really going to be amazing– Russ will be performing with the classic Imperials, singing a duet with Amy Grant, and joining the entire cast to close the show with “We Will Stand!”


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Plymouth Park Baptist Church in Irving, TX had their annual Christmas concert extravaganza last Sunday, this year featuring Russ with a full orchestra and choir. Here’s a little sample:

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“Six-time Grammy-award winner Russ Taff has handwritten the lyrics to the award-winning anthem We Will Stand to benefit themission to San Eduardo, Ecuador. The mission was started by Rev. Becca Stevens, a dear friend to Russ, and includes a school, wellness clinic, and a women’s sewing cooperative. Lyrics (to be framed) are being auctioned now on ebay!”

Auction ends 8:30 pm CT on Friday 11/14/14. It’s easy to bid—log in to ebay and enter the item number 331362481882

“We Will Stand”

Written by Russ Taff, Tori Taff, and James Hollihan

Handwritten and to be signed by Russ Taff

Ebay item number: 331362481882


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