Determine how many tracks you desire to purchase. You may purchase up to Five songs per CD!

$10.00 for the first CD and $7.00 for each additional CD.

Ain’t No Grave TV Tracks 6:34
Ain’t No Grave – Choir Best Of 5:22
Angels We Have Heard Christmas 3:02
At The Altar Now More Than Ever 3:49
Been Born Again Best Of 3:28
Being Happy TV Tracks 4:19
Best Thing Other Albums 5:10
Bethlehem Galilee Best Of 6:18
Big News TV Tracks 4:28
Come To The Water Best Of 4:33
Farther Along Best Of 4:56
Farther On Other Albums 4:01
Glory To God Christmas 3:15
God’s Unchanging Hand –
Gaither Best Of 3:24
God’s Unchanging Hand–
James TV Tracks 4:23
Have Yourself A Merry Christmas 4:45
He Came Through Best Of 3:21
Heartbreak Ridge TV Tracks 3:41
Hurt By Hurt Now More Than Ever 4:26
I Cry Other Albums 4:13
I Prayed and I Prayed Now More Than Ever 3:44
I Still Believe Other Albums 4:33
I’ll Be Home For Christmas Christmas 4:09
I’m Glad Other Albums 5:45
I’m Glad – in stereo Now More Than Ever 5:56
I’m Glad – Reprise Other Albums 1:52
Jesus Is The Best Thing Now More Than Ever 5:06
Jesus Loves Me Now More Than Ever 2:41
Just Believe Now More Than Ever 4:10
Long Hard Road TV Tracks 5:45
Mary Did You Know Christmas 3:35
Mary Was The First One Christmas 4:10
Midnight Clear Christmas 4:13
Mt. Calvary Now More Than Ever 3:33
My Tribute Best Of 3:20
Now More Than Ever Now More Than Ever 4:52
Oh Budda Best Of 3:45
Oh Say But I’m Glad Best Of 4:05
Praise The Lord Best Of 3:39
Right Here Right Now Other Albums 5:11
Search Me Lord Other Albums 4:58
Shadow – Intro Other Albums 0.52
Shadow Of The Cross Other Albums 5:01
Silent Love Other Albums 4:49
Somebody’s Coming Now More Than Ever 3:56
Somebody’s Coming TV Tracks 4:19
Sweetest Song Now More Than Ever 3:35
Thanks To Calvary Now More Than Ever 4:04
There’s A Hand Other Albums 4:00
They Call It Gospel Music Best Of 3:41
Trumpet Of Jesus Best Of 4:03
We Will Stand Best Of 4:19
Were You There TV Tracks 3:10
When He Calls I’ll Fly Away Best Of 3:39
When He Set Me Free Best Of 3:15
White Christmas Christmas 4:00
Why Me Lord Best Of 3:19
Wonderful World Christmas 2:56
Your Love Stays With Me Other Albums 3:45

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  1. Tony Bell says:

    I think the first time I remember hearing Russ Taff’s voice was in 1981 with the Imperials. At around the age of 10, I sat and listened to “Praise the Lord” (on a cassette player) and I recall how much I ‘felt’ it – even at that young age. I didn’t know his name, but those lead vocals…WOW! I later became a die-hard Russ Taff fan in high school. To this day, “Russ Taff” is one of my all-time favorite albums. When I needed inspiration or just wanted to ‘jam’…Russ is who I wanted to listen to. (And this was during the ‘bands with big hair’ era!) I shared his songs with my non-Christian friends who enjoyed them as well. I finally got the chance to meet Russ in Charleston, WV a few years ago, but I didn’t really express to him (the way I should have) how much he and his ministry has impacted my life. Russ – I don’t know if you will EVER understand how much your ministry means to me; how much you have helped strengthen me in my walk with the LORD. I pray this note finds you well and that GOD continues to use you in awesome ways. GOD bless you and your family and may HE strengthen you to continue to strengthen others and lead them to HIM. Love you bro!

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