Postcard From the Faroe Islands!

Hey everybody!

Well, I’m back in my beloved Faroe Islands, performing at the Summar Festival tonight, and visiting our friend (and my producer) Jakup Zachariassen and his family. I’m really excited about playing tonite, as I will be reunited with a lot of the amazing musicians and singers that I met and worked with while I was recording my “Faroe Islands” project, especially (also my producers) Oli Poulsen and Kristoffer Mørkøre.

Yesterday Jakup, Oli and I drove all over the island and shot footage for a video of the song “Harvest.” Here are a few shots Madi took of me trying to look moody and artsy while not shivering– it may be summer here, but it is still only about 53 windy degrees!


We head over to Norway next, where I will be doing a few more dates, including a couple with Evie Tornquist Karlsson— really looking forward to that!


Hope to see you guys soon, somewhere on the road…

Love to you all–




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