If not, you better hop right over to the Store page and get some!  Last year’s Dove Award nominated “Another Sentimental Christmas” AND the best-selling classic, “A Christmas Song” are both available now!


(And OF COURSE don’t forget the best little stocking stuffer of them all, “Faroe Islands”)



Here’s a little Christmas bonus: Russ Taff, captured in his natural habitat (also known as Momma June’s house) last Christmas Eve, leading the carol singing with his family!

(Yeah, he’ll probably kill me for that one, but I think it’s adorable! Don’t tell him, OK? It’ll be our little secret…)

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  1. Harri Kiviniemi says:

    I was in your concert in Sacramento California 2001, I got also picture with you and signature for CD 🙂 I just want you let you know that your Christmas CD a christmas song, is whole our family christmas favorite. It is a best christmas CD ever!
    It should be in homes every American and all around the world. God bless you Russ and Merry Christmas to you and to whole your family.
    ps.I am still waiting to hear Under the Influence vol2. 🙂 Harri Kiviniemi, FINLAND(scandinavia)

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