Russ at Gaither Fest


Russ had a great time at this year’s Gaither Fest in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! There were so many familiar faces, especially at the annual luncheon get-together. Momma Lloyd, aka “Russ Taff’s No. 1 Fan” was in attendance, and Russ was so happy to see her, he served as her own personal waiter!




More Good Reviews!

This latest review of ┬áRuss Taff’s “Faroe Islands” project comes from the UK– check it out:



Reviewed by Paul Kerslake

All long term Cross Rhythms readers/listeners will recognise the bluesy rasp of Russ, one of Christendom’s most talented veterans. In recent years he has been working with the Gaithers but with this set returns to the edgier, bluesier sounds that made his ‘Medals’ album such a creative tour de force on its release in 1985. ‘Faroe Islands’ is Russ’ 11th solo release and was inspired by and recorded at the very same place. “Here Comes Jesus” is a funky blue eyed soul number with a great guitar riff and superb drums, building to include a magnificent brass section and gospel choir. And that’s just the first track! “Harvest” takes it down a gear, sensitive and again with a magnificent vocal performance. “Heaven” has more funky brass and gospel choir; the supporting cast for this recording are top rate musicians and the producers have captured some excellent performances. This is a very accessible album, full of great songs, catchy tunes and a familiar feeling throughout even though there are only a handful of covers, including “I Believe In You” by Bob Dylan. Highly recommended, I haven’t stopped playing it since I put it on!