Cruise With A Cause

The Taff family recently participated in Cruise With A Cause to Jamaica. Billed as “the world’s largest missionary trip,’ 3075 people from all over the country visited schools in and around Montego Bay and delivered over 8 tons of free school supplies. Over 21,000 decisions for Christ were made!

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  1. A few things to say: What a lovely family. I’m writing because God used you to make a huge difference in my family. My son, a little fellow, standing at your feet at Night of Joy, years ago, made a decision at your “and if you’ve already asked Jesus into your heart, you need to follow Him in believer’s baptism” looked up at me and eyes said, “he’s talking to me, mama.” Today he is beautiful, married with 2 children and has sung all around the United States many times, Cut a few CDs, (old days, tapes) and has many fun inspirational stories to tell. I’ve seen all kinds of kids bow down and except Jesus at their savior. He has recently been honored with an invitation to CMT in NY. We had “Medals” and learned about you meeting Tori and were happy for you. As years have gone by, my Godly mother has aged and now at 88 yrs old she cried watching Gather’s (TimeLife) on TV. I surprised her with the whole set and on playing the first one I recognized you immediately and told her the story of Eric’s baptism. What a fun reunion! You are much loved by your fans and when we all get to Heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! Singing together. In Christ, Kathie

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